Weevely 0.6 released!

The BackBox Team is proud to announce the release 0.6 of Weevely!

Weevely is a stealth PHP web shell that simulate telnet-like connection. It is an essential tool for web application post exploitation, and could be used like an hidden backdoor and as a useful telnet-like console replacement to manage web accounts, even if hosted in free hosting services. Just generate and upload the “server” PHP code on the target web server, and run Weevely client locally to transmit shell commands.

What’s new

  • Backdoor communications are hidden in Cookie requests
  • Communications are encoded using NIDS evasion techniques (any request is randomly obfuscated to bypass signature detection)
  • Backdoor PHP code is polymorphic to obfuscate functions commonly used in backdoors
  • Modular architecture have about 30 modules for every kind of maintain access/post exploit task
  • Modules implement different techniques to accomplish single tasks to mitigate disabled_functions, safe_mode and other PHP restrictions