Weevely 1.0 released!

Here we are with a brand new Weevely release: version 1.0 brings new modules with totally refactored structure to assist remote administration tasks and penetration testing.

Here is the breakdown of the most important changes:

  • Supports of Windows and MacOS hosts environments
  • Module :net.mount, powered by HTTPfs, that mounts automagically remote filesystem to a local mountpoint
  • Module :file.edit to edit remote files with your favourite local text editor
  • Module :audit.systemfiles to find system files with bad permissions that could affect server security
  • Module :audit.phpconf to audit common PHP misconfiguration
  • SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxy supports
  • Totally rewritten module base structure to simplify module deploying
  • Modules arguments managament with argparse
  • Tons of bug fixes

If you are new to Weevely, start with an easy tutorial, and read the complete modules and generators lists.