BackBox Server Amazon EC2 AMI

BackBox Linux proudly announce that we are about to release our Amazon AMI server. We already have a generated AMI for BackBox Server version and it is available on EC2 AMI store.

The generated AMI is not to be considererd as the definitive version as it is the very first step towards the Cloud Environment. Because of that we can consider it as a test AMI but fully functional.

To find and test our first AMI you will need the AMI name or ID which is:

Name > backbox ID > ami-06d6ea43

Soon we will have the full and stable versions of BackBox for both Desktop and Server environments which will be available in AWS AMI store (either 32 and 64 bit).

Penetration Testing with BackBox

BackBox Team is proud to announce the publication of the first book titled “Penetration Testing with BackBox”. We had many requests from the users and members all around the community about a BackBox based book. Finally, we are deligthed to introduce the long awaited publication!

The book contains enough information to get familiar with BackBox and all its functionalities and it is based entirely on live, practical examples that everybody will enjoy reading chapter by chapter.


  • Experience the real world of penetration testing with Backbox Linux using live, practical examples
  • Gain an insight into auditing and penetration testing processes by reading though live sessions
  • Learn how to carry out your own testing using the latest techniques and methodologies

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Starting Out with BackBox Linux
  • Chapter 2: Information Gathering
  • Chapter 3: Vulnerability Assessment and Management
  • Chapter 4: Exploitations
  • Chapter 5: Eavesdropping and Privilege Escalation
  • Chapter 6: Maintaining Access
  • Chapter 7: Penetration Testing Methodologies with BackBox
  • Chapter 8: Documentation and Reporting

The book was published by Packt Publishing and the details can be found here

The BackBox Linux official Store is finally here!

To celebrate BackBox Linux increasing popularity we would like to please our fans with the opening of an official BackBox Store featuring design t-shirts and accessories.

If you want to help us spread our logo and have new ideas send us your design and the best ones will become a part of the store.

Check out the new BackBox Linux official Store. Support our Community!