BackBox Linux – past, present & future

The year 2010 is about to end, and we are doing a quick summary of our first year of development of BackBox Linux.

As many of you know our distribution comes both for (a bit of) fun and necessity. It has rapidly become a viable alternative and a better distribution for penetration testing. To date backbox Linux has been downloaded thousands of times from all over the world and received reviews in many different languages. It has often been complimented for its performance and we’ve got our team of developers to thank for that. We reached in a few months what others have achieved after years of development and this is thanks to our team of developers who always willing to accept advice and suggestions from the community.

The strength of our distribution is in the simplicity and lightness, but we believe that the success is due to our open vision, we evaluate any contribution or suggestion and we are the first ones to bring in discussion what we do. We of the BackBox Linux team look toward the world of computer security without any presumption, we are not Hackers, but we believe we are great lovers of computing. Our goal is not to simplify the practice of “penetration testers” but we want to just offer the most useful tools already configured and working so that our tests have more time to devote to the art of hacking. If 2010 was the year of trials, 2011 will see the birth of the first stable release of BackBox Linux.

What’s new? First, an updated system, even lighter, higher-performance, richer menu tools and all will be modular and customizable. The new Distro will be released soon and will have a definite life cycle. Further news will be announced shortly, all you have to do is stay tuned.