BackBox Linux 2 Artwork Contest

The BackBox Linux 2 Artwork Contest is started! Your mission is to create a Wallpaper for BackBox Linux 2. Must be at least 1920px wide in 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio and .jpg or .png format. The theme is free but we prefer futuristic environments ispired to fantascientific movies like “Tron Legacy”, with an innovative design and electric colors (blue, black and gray are preferred). Using the BackBox logo is allowed, you can download it from the artworks page of this site.

Other rules:

Submissions not fitting these criteria will be subject to rejection. By submitting, you grant BackBox the right to reproduce your artwork with reasonable attribution in any way we see fit without compensation. We reserve the right not to choose a winner.

Any technique or medium may be used, as long as the final submission is in specified digital format.  If you use stock photos, art, etc., make sure it is either public domain or that you own the rights to it.

Submission Deadline:

All submissions must be received by July, 2011

Submit entries to:

info [at] backbox .org

Submission info to include:

Real name or desired nick/handle if any and a title and description of your piece.

Additional Specs:

All entries must be within size parameters listed above. Final entries should be in 300dpi .png or .jpg format. The works can be in .ai or .psd format. Delivery is the responsibility of the entrant, if the entry is too large to email you may post it online for download.